Supporting Teachers in Applying Democratic Competences Models 


SLEAD EUROPE will equip teachers with a competence-based learning method, which helps them to improve their teaching.

It will also build a network of teachers from different European countries who are willing to cooperate in transnational Service-Learning projects. 

By involving universities and long-standing teacher training NGOs we will further support teachers by allowing them to get the training program of this project recognized by national teacher training institutions 

The overall goals of SLEAD EUROPE are:

  • to support the integration of S-L in formal school education in participating countries by enabling schools and teachers to utilize the potential of S-L for the acquisition of democracy competences
  • to strengthen students’ democratic competences through S-L and facilitate their active participation and sense of civic engagement, thus leading to a more sustained participation in democratic life
  • to strengthen education in Europe by facilitating cross-border S-L projects, providing teachers with European experiences and creating a European community of practice among teachers in Europe
  • to facilitate the acquisition of key competences of teachers and students, such as 21st Century Skills: teamwork, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving skills and reflection, as all of them are key elements of S-L
  • to increase the quality of teaching by learning about innovative approaches such as S-L

News and Events

European service learning coffee break 22 November 2023

The SLEAD project took part in the online coffee break event organised by REDAPS! Read more about this event here!

Comparative Analysis of Service-Learning in Europe

Discover the transformative potential of Service-Learning (S-L) in Europe’s educational landscape, exploring its integration with civic education and its versatile applications across diverse frameworks.

SLEAD project meeting in Cascais

Read about the second SLEAD transnational project meeting, in Cascais, Portugal!

SLEAD project meeting in Athens

The SLEAD project met in Athens, Greece!

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