SLEAD Learning Journey and Online Training
Screenshot from the presentation

On the 22nd of November, the SLEAD project took part in the online coffee break event organised by REDAPS (RED ESPAÑOLA DE APRENDIZAJE-SERVICIO). According to María Noel Balla (from REDAPS), the main aims of the coffee breaks, two of which have taken place so far, are to:
– to learn about the different service-learning experiences in Europe;
– to promote the creation of national service-learning networks;
– reflect together on the experiences and their results in Europe.

At this event, Sara Anjos and Joana Silva (NUCLIO), had the opportunity to briefly present SLEAD’s online training course “Service-Learning for Democracy in Europe: SLEAD’s Learning Pathway and Online Training“. In addition, Felix Lorenzen (LdE) and Andreea Băltărețu and Iolanda Sztrelenczuk (NHO), also from SLEAD project partner organisations, were present to talk about the work carried out by their organisation in the area of the S-L project.
The event was attended by 61 participants, mainly from Europe and South America, and several inspiring SL projects were mentioned in a multicultural and rich environment.
We will be keeping a close eye on this worldwide network, which aims to change the future of education by giving meaning to learning through SL projects!

Screenshot from the presentation
Screenshot from the presentation